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Five reasons your organization needs "Citrix ADC"

You need agility to get new products to market fast. While more than

84% of companies have adopted a multi-cloud strategy to increase

agility1, providing fast and secure application delivery across multicloud

environments is challenging. "Citrix ADC" is a software-centric

application delivery solution that empowers you to provide fast,

reliable, and secure application delivery across multi-cloud.

Here are five reasons your organization needs "Citrix ADC":

1.Keep your customers happy.

Four in 10 customers will become disloyal when products are unavailable2, so your

applications need to perform with consistency, speed, and reliability. "Citrix" ADC is

highly scalable and provides better performance and lower latency so you can offer

customers a seamless experience with every application, every time.

2.Increase agility by moving to multi-cloud faster.

Ensuring consistent, seamless, and secure application delivery across multi-cloud

environments can be complex and time-consuming. Only "Citrix ADC" uses a single

code base for all of its portfolio to give you operational and features consistency across

multi-cloud. Pair that with pooled-capacity licensing to easily reallocate ADCs wherever

you need them, and you enable more agility through simplified application delivery.

3.Strengthen your security posture.

Your applications and APIs are valuable assets, but protecting them from attack is

challenging. Given that 92% of reported vulnerabilities are in applications rather than

networks3, you need comprehensive, layered, and proven security for monolithic and

microservices-based applications. "Citrix" ADC Layer 3-7 security features arm you with

the arsenal you need to fight the war on bad actors.

4.Gain actionable insights and troubleshoot faster.

To complement "Citrix ADC", "Citrix" Application Delivery Management provides

holistic visibility and analytics from one console. It is the only application delivery

management platform that equips you with comprehensive automation, faster

troubleshooting, and actionable insights from a single pane of glass for all ADCs

across your multi-cloud environment.

5.Go cloud native with confidence.

Cloud native application development can improve agility, but 50% of organizations

cite lack of skills as the top challenge in adopting cloud native infrastructure4.

Because microservices deployment and delivery are complex and "IT" skill sets vary,

"Citrix" provides a choice of architectures to help you balance the greatest benefits and

ease of implementation. "Citrix ADC" integrates with popular Kubernetes platforms

and open source tools, giving you enhanced performance, lower latency, and better observability.

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